Better via Bitcoin
The Stacks Open Internet Foundation works toward a more equitable, more open internet by supporting Bitcoin-forward technology ecosystems and their technologists.
What we do
Research & Development
We support independent researchers, contributors, and collaborators to help build a more secure internet through research and development of open-source technology.
We produce and support educational programs, events, and resources to new and developers, allowing them to contribute to a more equitable and secure internet built on Bitcoin and its burgeoning ecosystem of layers and tooling.
We facilitate ongoing governance processes for open-source software, maintain open forums for community discussion, and provide leadership and guidance to support decentralized decision-making.
How We Do It
Who we are
Our team
  • Community Programs Lead
  • Claire Topalian
    Head of Content
  • Ileana Malacrino
    Partnerships and Activation Project Manager
  • Jesse Wiley
    Integration and Security Lead
  • Research Scientist
  • Kenny Rogers
    Developer Advocate
  • Martha Young
    Chief of Staff
  • Mitchell Cuevas
    Interim Executive Director
  • Rick Bartelink
    Head of Amplification
  • Shakti Pradhan
    Finance Manager
  • Shannon Voight
    Director, Events Activation
  • Will Corcoran
    Ecosystem Program Manager
Stacks Foundation Residents
  • Andre Serrano
    Andre is supporting the ecosystem-wide effort to bring sBTC to market, bringing an experienced product skillset to the table. He works closely with Core Engineers and all sBTC-related Working Groups.
  • Hero Gamer
    Hero is supporting the ecosystem by interfacing with Core Engineers and distilling important topics for community feedback sessions. He hosts regular educational calls and directly stewards the SIP review process with his support of CABs.
  • Mike Cohen
    Mike is a long-time contributor within the Stacks Ecosystem having completed multiple Stacks Foundation grants, participated in multiple programs, and worked as part of several top teams. Currently, he is the lead on the sBTC Bridge software.
Stacks Foundation Board
  • Brittany Laughlin
    Brittany is the Founder of the Stacks Foundation and has now stepped in to lead the board as Chairperson. She is an experienced investor, company builder, and connector.
  • Antonie Hodge
    Antonie is the Operations Director at Coin Center and a crypto veteran with a rich background in non-profit work having served as a Director at ZCash and Brink.
  • Meltem Demirors
    Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares and serves as a trusted partner to investors and entrepreneurs navigating the digital asset ecosystem.